I Dating A Married Libra Women

i dating a married libra women

Fall is one of the most popular seasons, and it's not just for the PSLs and pumpkin picking all the basics of the world love. You know that person who everyone seems to flock to at a party? Or the person you find yourself telling your whole life story to, even though you've only met her hours or even minutes ago? Libras are the quintessential best friends, and therefore, they are some of the best people to date. You won't find yourself with uncomfortable pauses, trying to think of an interesting question to ask your date because your Libra will automatically make you feel comfortable, and conversation will just flow. They get along with everyone and are happy hanging on the couch and playing COD with your buddies, or sharing pitchers of cheap beer and playing pool. While dating a Libra, you don't have to worry about her clinging to you on a night out because she'll be too busy talking with your friends to worry about unnecessary PDA. Libras thrive in social situations. They're naturally charismatic, classy and charming, all characteristics Mom is a sucker for. She'll be able to hold a conversation with your parents without being awkward or shy. A Libra will put your needs before her own and be supportive of your dreams. She's the one who will rub your shoulders when you get home, ask how your day was and mean it. She'll be empathetic to you even in the smallest ways. She'll be able to give you a look and touch your arm in a way that says, "Are you okay? I'm here for you. This means dating a Libra involves minimal stress. A Libra won't want to fight about things, but this doesn't mean she'll ignore the problem and brush it off.

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Instead, a Libra will talk it out, she'll work with you to find a solution and she certainly won't go to bed angry. Dates will always be interesting and fun. Whether you're staying in for the night, or planning a weekend getaway, it will always be an adventure. When dating a Libra, she'll always try to chose the path that pleases the most. That makes things like group outings with friends easy to plan and organize. Libras are known for being intellectual, and they will constantly challenge you with conversation. She will surprise you with her vast knowledge and interest in learning. All people have certain qualities they look for in significant others, but friendship is likely near the top of the list. Most people who are happily married say it's because they married their best friends. Some of the most successful relationships start as friendships. So if you get Libra, hold on to her. Dating a Libra will set you up for a lifetime of happiness, if you're lucky enough to fall in love with one. Bonnin Studio. It's Libra season!We get to celebrate the birthdays of our favorite people and best friends. Libras are known for being friendly and outgoing. I'm willing to bet that person is a Libra. Here are 10 reasons why you should date a Libra woman: 1. Libras are outgoing. First dates are almost always awkward, but not with a Libra. A Libra is naturally outgoing and easy to talk to. Libras get along with the guys. Libras are laid-back and easygoing; they're chill AF. Libras are the women you bring home to Mom. Libras are caring. A Libra is selfless, and she is always thinking of others before herself. She'll see the best in any situation and looks at the glass half full. Libras have a great sense of intuition. Libras can always seem to tell when something isn't right with the people they love. Libras aren't fighters. Libras are known for their cooperative nature. They are the diplomats of the world. Libras are creative. Dating a Libra means dating a creative soul.

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She'll be willing to try new things and keep the romance alive. Libras are balanced. Libras are represented by scales to show their desire for balance and peace in the world. She's a peacemaker and wants to keep everyone around her happy. Libras are smart. You'll be proud to introduce her to your boss, friends and family. Libras will be your best friends. Search Close. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love. For more deets on Libra compatibility, check out our guide to dating a Libra man and our gender-neutral guide to dating a Libra. Crushing on a Libra woman? Of course you are!Libra women are notably the best out of the entire zodiac, and I'm saying this unbiasedly. Libra women's approach to life goes above and beyond. Libra women may not fully understand you, but LBR, they really don't need to. With time, they evolve and adapt, molding themselves around you and creating harmony. Remember, Libra is represented by the scales. They seek peace and balance both inside and outside a relationship. Ruled by the planet Venus , Libra women are a source of beauty and pleasure. Libra energy is gorgeous! Even in moments of clumsiness and disorganization, they carry themselves with a sense of pride. Libra is a cardinal sign and an air sign : Her seduction manifests itself through breathy displays of ethereal expression. To be loved by a Libra is to be actively blessed by the goddess of love and beauty. Congratulations on being her favorite! The Libra basics. Birthday: September 23 to October Element: Air. Modality: Cardinal. Symbol: The scales.

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Keywords: Peace, harmony, justice, charm, aesthetic. Libra is a zodiac sign that is known for its flair and fashion, which means you can expect for her to naturally feel drawn to aesthetics and beauty. She's always taking note on how makeup artists add color to the faces of models, and keeping magazine clips to add to her dream board. Her inspiration comes from being able to imagine and visualize how she could explore and experiment in regards to style. We all have our down days, and a Libra woman is no exception. Makeup, wardrobe, props, and accessories will all add to her character. Expect a glam face, accessories that tell a tale, and one-of-a-kind outfits. She has a way of captivating everyone whenever she decides to be seen. Some people mistake a beautiful woman for a villain; however, her true grace comes out in how attentive and considerate she can be. Accountability, admitting to mistakes, and, dare I say, punctuality… My apologies to the Libra ladies, however, it must be said. We all have imperfections, and that's one of the best parts of being human. In fact, it might be what makes Libra women so great. Libra women can always benefit from practicing more accountability, punctuality, and dare I say, striking a healthy balance between the responsibilities they take on and the boundaries they set. Astrologically, their struggle with developing secure plans can be seen by pointing to their solar house of routine in the mutable sign Pisces. TBH, wherever Pisces is in our chart will indeed comes with challenges. This can cause Libras to get so caught up in past sensations, memories, and spiritual reasons that it's a challenge to slog through obligations. Libras can be very spiritual, and as a result may excuse their tardiness or missteps. Instead of overcompensating, they could benefit from checking in and setting necessary boundaries to avoid overextending themselves. An evolved vs. In fact, they are pretty on brand.

If a Libra woman is your friend or partner, she is of the greatest resources you will ever come across. The more they grow, the easier it is for them to discern how best to be available to you. At their best, they are exploring the world to collect different perspectives, always expanding their understanding so as to empathize with the world around them. Or not An evolved Libra knows it is not in her best interest to make herself needlessly available to people that stunt her, while an unevolved Libra is a natural bully. Without even realizing it, an unevolved Libra can be condescending, taunting, and rude. Did I mention be careful about getting too close to Libras with entitlement issues? The best matches for a Libra woman. For romance, pair a Libra woman with an Aquarius. Libra women pride themselves on being fair within their community. They want to give back; they're a woman of the people! Libra's sister sign , Aries , is another model match—if they are willing to work together. Aries takes the lead, while Libra is great at sharing ideas, fueling Aries' fire, and extinguishing their flames, when need be. The worst matches for a Libra woman. That will make the Libra feel insecure or intruded on—not a good combo.


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Pisces, on the other hand, can be a great coupling No offensive to Pisces, but Libra will spend so much time being available that eventually her needs will be neglected. Instead of two cute little fishies, Pisces becomes an anchor. A first date with a Libra woman. A first date with a Libra does not have to be extremely elaborate. When a Libra knows what she needs and has set a plan to achieve it, you might as well respect the game. For a Libra who has the bandwidth to be emotionally available, take her somewhere meaningful. No soul connection? Once your first date is done, you should know if you want to see her again. Sex with a Libra woman. Simply put, sex takes time with a Libra woman. There is no rushing the process. They want you to prove you're assertive and capable of following through on your intentions. When the time comes, take the lead, respectfully. Libras are used to running around and handling the needs of others. Show an ability to match their energy and you will be rewarded. The more you show a willingness to leave your comfort zone, the easier it will be for them to escape theirs. Sex with a Libra woman is like letting honey ooze and run down your skin. It is sexy, slow, messy, and photogenic.You will feel like time is moving slowly and escaping you at the same time. For Libra women, there is no if, and, or but. The had part is getting a Libra woman to be sure about you! Good luck! September Libras, contrary to the name, might not be born in September, but they surely give off September vibes. They are more hesitant to put themselves out there and even less likely to juggle multiple people. Then there are the October Libras. Like the September Libra, the October Libra is a term used to describe a vibe. Either way, Libras are naturally and without hesitation able to turn on their charm. This could look like performing as if they know no way to flirt: fumbling over themselves, snorting when they laugh, and twirling their hair. Or stepping into their goddess persona: shoulders back, the edges of their mouth curled up, and lips pouting. Somehow, they know how to step into the warrior archetype, pursuing who they want without hesitation and wasting time. Being ruled by the planet of love, pleasure, and beauty, Venus, Libra knows how to have fun with her flirtations. She makes her feelings clearly known, surprising her lover with what it is they need, and stepping in the line of battle if someone threatens their love. There are levels to friendship with a Libra woman. However, you'll be fooling yourself if you expect for her to handhold you throughout that experience.

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The Libra man I dated in my 20s was tall, dark, and, yes Men and women would flirt with him shamelessly, then slip their number into his.

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Two Libra partners are both in search for their other half, tactful, kind, just and often strict to one another and people around them.

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I've heard that Libras sometimes automatically look like they're already in a relationship. Something about the way they carry themselves.

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Obviously, if you're married to a Libra, your relationship is deep and committed. But the way to nurture that warmth is to appeal to their sense.

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For romance, pair a Libra woman with an Aquarius. Libra women pride themselves on being fair within their community. They want to give back;.

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But what does a Libra woman want in a relationship? Being ruled by the planet Venus, Libra women have a very tender, loving side to them. She.

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Libra and romance go hand in hand and often prove to be the most perfect match. Ruled by the planet Venus, sensual can be the best term to.

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